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By William May
(Japan Amateur Wrestling Federation, Public Information Committee:wmay52@hotmail.com


TOKYO (April 30) – The Japan Wrestling Federation announced its selections for 18 of the 21 weight categories at the 2011 world championships in Istanbul, September 12-18.

The JWF withheld a final decision on Katsuya Kitamura, who won the 96kg All-Japan title and invitational crown in greco-roman. Kitamura has been slowed by injury and the JWF will decide later on its entry for the world championships.

In the women's events, 51kg and 67kg were left open. The women's national team committee will make its recommendations for the final two spots in late June.

55kg – Kohei Hasegawa, Fukuichi Fisheries (3rd straight, 3rd overall world team berth)
60kg – Ryuta Matsumoto, Gunma Yakult Sales (3rd straight, 3rd overall)
66kg – Yuji Okamoto, Takushoku University club (1st)
74kg – Takehiro Kanakubo, ALSOK (2nd straight, 2nd overall)
84kg – Taichi Oka, Japan Self-Defense Forces (1st)
96kg – undecided
120kg – Hirokazu Shinjo, Japan SDF (4th straight, 4th overall)

Men's freestyle
55kg – Shinichi Yumoto, Japan SDF (2nd overall, 1st since 2009)
60kg – Kenichi Yumoto, ALSOK (3rd, overall, 1st since 2007)
66kg – Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu, Japan SDF (3rd straight, 3rd overall)
74kg – Ryuta Takahashi, Japan SDF (1st)
84kg – Shinya Matsumoto, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Dept. (3rd overall, 1st since 2009)
96kg – Takao Isokawa, Tokuyama University staff (3rd straight, 3rd overall)
120kg – Nobuyoshi Arakida, Senshu University club (2nd overall, 1st since 2009)

Women's freestyle
48kg – Hitomi Sakamoto, Japan SDF (2nd straight, 8th overall)
51kg – undecided
55kg – Saori Yoshida, ALSOK (9th straight, 9th overall)
59kg – Takako Saito, Japan SDF (1st)
63kg – Kaori Icho, ALSOK (2nd straight, 7th overall)
67kg – undecided
72kg – Kyoko Hamaguchi, Japan Beverage (2nd straight, 15th overall)

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